Upgrade to Piranesi 6.0.3

Upgrade to Piranesi 6.0.3

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    Piranesi 6.0.3 now available!

    To Upgrade: Please enter your existing license number into the "comments" section of the CAD Garage check-out page. To upgrade multiple network licenses please contact us directly for a discount.

    Piranesi 6 is one of the biggest and most feature rich upgrades to this venerable tool. Here's a list of the new and enhanced features available in Piranesi 6:
    • Your choice of 32-bit (Mac/Win) and 64-bit (Win) support.

    • The new Windows 64-bit support enables you to create and manage much larger and more complex image files. It also increases system performance by taking advantage of additional hardware memory.

    • Layers vastly improve the ease with which complex images can be created and provide easier modification, adaptation and re-use of previously stored layered images.

    • The ability to generate and display true 3D anaglyph stereo images.

    • Plane and Material Locking allows you to paint freely without crossing the edge of a plane or infringing other material edges.

    • Automatically wrap 2D raster images around 3D surfaces without visible seams.

    • Place 2D raster images from a library into the 3D scene respecting object scale.

    • Increased high quality rendering speed.

    • A new 3D Clone tool enables the automatic reuse of pre-created renderings between image surface. Use Clone to create a new raster texture that you can then use to paint texture onto surfaces, even if the perspective is different.

    • Improved Color picker which gives the ability to automatically transfer colors from anywhere on the screen.

    • Exporting to PSD uses your layers in Piranesi. Importing a PSD file keeps the layers in Piranesi.

    • Shadow, reflection and lighting enhancements for more flexibility when creating photorealistic scenes.

    • Transparent areas are now possible in a layer using the Erase tool.

    • 3D montage handling allows for rapid and accurate 3D models to be placed and manipulated in the 2D scene in perspective.

    • All floating cut-outs can be made temporarily invisible.

    • Manual and Auto artistic effects allow for freeform artistic expression and quick, standardized automatic effects for development of 'house style'.

    • Options to help generate scenes with glass.

    Interoperability: Plug-ins are available for ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Revit, 3D Studio, SketchUp, Lightwave, modo and Cinema 4D. If your modeller does not support EPix export, the free Vedute program can convert from DXF®, 3DS, SKP, FBX® and MicroGDS® MAN files to an EPix file.

    System Requirements

    Despite its powerful rendering capabilities and extensive range of effects, Piranesi does not need a high-specification computer.

  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista™ , Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colours
  • Mac OS® X v10.4.11 or later
  • 1000 x 750 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colours

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    Add a Wacom Tablet!

    Using a tablet with pen provides for a more natural hand position when sketching and the pressure sensitivity allows you to create illustrations and renderings that more closely mimic hand drawing. I've personally found with Piranesi that I achieve a much better looking "3D Painting" due to the controls of the pressure sensitivity as well as work much faster then with a mouse.