D3 SmartParts Store Planner for ArchiCAD (v.10-21)

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Real Store Planner is a highly detailed retail store outfitter. Select from dozens store fixtures commonly used in retail projects. Add details like shirts on racks or faceouts. Adjust number of shelves by easy parameter changes. Test a variety of layouts to maximize a store's potential. Export the number and type of fixtures accurately to spreadsheets or databases using the Calculate Quantities function in ArchiCAD. Displaying sales items on shelves and racks set the stage for capturing the feeling of shopping. Get a better feel of the design and control over inventory by studying 3D store layouts.

"The SmartParts libraries are the one must have add-on for all ArchiCAD users"

* Gondola display rack with adjustable shelves.
* Clothes and accessories.
* Fully operable racks with optional clothes display: four-way, two-way, super quad, straight and round racks.
* Slatwall and Gridwall systems with Faceouts, Waterfalls, Hooks.
* Standards and brackets.
* Display and cashwrap cabinets.

Compatible with Mac and Windows, ArchiCAD 10 - 19 and Start Edition.