D3 SmartParts Real Kitchen & Bath for ArchiCAD (v.10-21)

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Real Kitchen & Bath is the most realistic and flexible set of kitchen and bath objects available for ArchiCAD. Select from dozens of cabinets, appliances and fixtures commonly used in residential, commercial and institutional projects. Add details like custom door panels and handles, including appliances that have raised panels to match cabinets. Test a variety of layouts to maximize a kitchen or bath project's potential. Show off the finishing touches to capture the feeling of being there. Clients will have a better understanding of the design when you show them 3D kitchen and bath layouts that are just like being there.

"The SmartParts libraries are the one must have add-on for all ArchiCAD users"

Real Kitchen & Bath library includes:
  • Highly configurable cabinets with integrated sink and faucet, multiple doors and drawers, customizable panels, knobs and handles.
  • Integrated countertop with seamless sides and back, adjustable overhang, independent edge color and adjustable backsplash, sidesplash.
  • Upscale appliances with matching panels and several options.
  • Wine racks and undercounter wine cooler with random bottles.
  • Corner cabinets, built-in oven cabinets, and specialty cabinets and whatnot shelves.
  • Shower bases & enclosures and plumbing fixtures.
  • Multiple sink countertop.
  • Medicine cabinets & mirrors.
  • Kitchen and bath accessories.
D3 SmartParts features include:
  • Preview - Preview pictures for quick display in settings windows
  • 3D Window - Stretch objects vertically in 3D Window
  • Custom Name Input - Utilize the Custom Name Input in certain object settings
  • Parametric 2D - Parametric 2D plan symbols provide coordination between 2D and 3D
  • Reference Manual - Includes thumbnail pictures of all libraries and step-by-step guide for using and customizing many of the objects

Compatible with Mac and Windows, ArchiCAD 10 - 19 and Start Edition.