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15 new features from C4D 2.5   • Mesher vertex map creation has been revamped to allow the possibility to customize them using gradients.

• New vertex maps "Weights" to shade mixing fluids. It also lets you add different weights for the same fluid emitters.

• New vertex maps, "Age" and "Vorticity", for meshes.   • Compatibility with the TurbulenceFD Emitter tag to use RealFlow particles for TurbulenceFD emission. Make sure to update TurbulenceFD to version v1.0 Rev 1435

• The Thinking Particles workflow has been greatly improved, letting the used decide which TP groups should be synchronized with RealFlow fluids.

• New "Visualizer" node. Used to display the daemon forces.

• New cache "Offset" parameters to change the frame to be loaded for every cached node.

• Image Emitter displays the texture in the viewport and accepts animated textures.

• New "Auto Mesh Normals" parameter for the Mesher to switch between the mesher normals (accurate) or geometry normals (customizable).

• Falloff for DSpline.

• Age and Vorticity can be used to color particles in the viewport in addition to the existing Velocity.

• New "Texture Sampling Resolution" parameter in RealFlow preferences.