Piranesi 6 - Educational

Piranesi 6 - Educational

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Please Note: Single-user educational licenses will expire after 24 months from receipt of order. Educational versions must be used for educational work only and not for commercial use. In order to purchase you must be a full time student or faculty member. Before your order can be fulfilled you must either fax your student ID or current registration to 617-576-5543 or email it to sales@intcad.com.

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Piranesi 6

As the name portrays this is the all encompassing version of Piranesi 6. Although fully loaded with the tools needed to tackle the largest and most complex of projects, and based on new layering technology, it still remains highly competitively priced by the clever use of a range of multi-user, term and enterprise price-point options that mirror the needs of a vast array of different business models. Included in these price are two massive raster "Entourage" galleries, an optional twelve months upgrade and email support cover, a private Pro Forum, 3D glasses for the amazing new 3D Anaglyph Image viewing, and a choice of 64 or 32 bit Windows or 32bit Mac.

Piranesi 6 not only converts your 2D and 3D designs into breathtaking presentation images for clients and prospects alike, but expresses your team's creative and professional abilities with maximum dramatic impact. Anyone who has presented an initial design concept understands the power of the artist's impression. At the early stages of a project, where specifications are limited and it's simply not possible (or even desirable) to present detailed treatments, Piranesi can and does work wonders. Piranesi's unique ability to generate stylish and atmospheric illustrations, with a truly hand-painted feel, sets it apart from other visualization tools. In your hands, Piranesi will produce subtle and emotive impressions which allow the creative idea to shine, drawing the focus to the key elements of the design proposal.

Piranesi 6 doesn't need a heavily-detailed source model that was time-consuming to produce - you can rapidly create stunning images even from simple models. At the later stages of your project, after your initial concepts have been approved, Piranesi is used to produce finished visuals (either photorealistic or non-photorealistic) for distribution to all parties involved, or for competition submission.

Piranesi 6 is unlike any other painting application. Designed to work in conjunction with all popular AEC 2D and 3D modelers, it has the ability to "remember" the dimensional information from your model. This enables you to paint freely whilst locking to a single material (removing the need to generate masks), and also paint with textures in perfect perspective. By remembering the depth dimension from the original 3D model, Piranesi allows you to place cutouts with automated scaling in relation to both your original model image, and other placed entourage elements. Piranesi even allows you to place cutouts behind your model (e.g. trees behind a building) and applies automatic masking to the placed cutout.

Quick, simple and stress free.

Interoperability: Plug-ins are available for ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Revit, 3D Studio, SketchUp, Lightwave, modo and Cinema 4D. If your modeller does not support EPix export, the free Vedute program can convert from DXF®, 3DS, SKP, FBX® and MicroGDS® MAN files to an EPix file.

System Requirements

Despite its powerful rendering capabilities and extensive range of effects, Piranesi does not need a high-specification computer.

  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista™ , Windows 7 or Windows 8    
  • 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colours
  • Mac OS® X v10.4.11 or later    
  • 1000 x 750 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colors 

    Add a Wacom Tablet!

    Using a tablet with pen provides for a more natural hand position when sketching and the pressure sensitivity allows you to create illustrations and renderings that more closely mimic hand drawing. I've personally found with Piranesi that I achieve a much better looking "3D Painting" due to the controls of the pressure sensitivity as well as work much faster then with a mouse.

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