New! ArchiLogs Designer Kit for ArchiCAD

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ArchiLogs Designer is the Complete Log Home Design Solution

ArchiLogs Designer is a light and clever add-on for Log Home designers. It is a limited version of the ArchiLogs add-on for ArchiCAD geared towards home designers, builders and architects who do not need the as many technical and production details. ArchiLogs Designer is based on the designer’s viewpoint and assists the designer in applying:
  • corner types
  • log profiles
  • and log home furnishings
The ArchiLogs Designer Kit includes:
  • Log Home Library
  • ArchiLogs Library
  • and all the commands that are used before converting walls into logs
The ArchiLogs library includes objects enabling easier and faster log home design. The objects work together with the add-on's commands. For example, LogsOpening creates an easily modifiable log opening in a wall. This diminishes the need to use several different tools for one task. The Log Home Library supplements the object selection for furnishing and decoration. With these elements, the log home atmosphere is added to the sales pictures.

Wall IDs
Though ArchiCAD produces an ID for every wall, the way it does this is normally not usable for log home manufacturers. This is why ArchiLogs has its own command for assigning wall IDs. This command also produces modular lines that are also visible in 3D if required. The method of assigning the wall IDs is also modifiable.

Selecting Walls & Logs
With the wall selection function it is possible to choose only certain walls in the model. The wall selection function can select walls that have log definitions or walls that are already converted into logs. In addition, only horizontal or vertical log walls can be selected, or one can use the wall IDs to select walls. Furthermore, all walls connected to a certain wall can be chosen at once. One example of when to use this feature is in choosing the walls that are connected to a brick wall, for example.

Cross Corners/Add Wall Ends
When using ArchiLogs, the log walls should first be designed without the overlapping walls (“cross corners”). With the special Cross corners/Add wall ends tool, wall end objects are easily added to all corners and wall ends at once. The same tool is used to modify all the corners later, if necessary. The LogsWallend settings can be modified in the settings or in the 3D window. This makes it possible to design quite freely. The commands automatically find the log settings of the wall and also apply them to the new LogsWallend objects. The LogsWallend object is a good example of an object that cannot be used without the assistance of the ArchiLogs add-on.

Log Heights
A new feature of ArchiLogs is Log heights. The height and placement of the objects can be indicated in log courses via the settings dialog of the elements. This means that instead of indicating the height of a window or door in meters or inches, it can be indicated in number of log courses.

Download PDF - ArchiLogs Designer Kit Brochure

Download PDF - ArchiLogs Brochure

System requirements:
  • Requires ArchiCAD 13/14/15/16 or SE
    • Windows XP or Windows Vista
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
    • 2GHz Intel® Pentium 4 or corresponding
    • Min. 1 GB RAM, 2 GB or more for advanced models
    • 2 GB or more is required for advanced visualization and large projects
    • Resolution 1280x1024 or higher
    • Open GL and DirectX 9 -compatible graphic card, memory 265 MB