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Microspot DWG Viewer is an easy to use app for viewing your AutoCAD DWG and DXF files from your PC on the Mac. Open your DWG and DXF files with ease and without file size restrictions, then annotate them with your own comments. In addition youíll be able to save your annotated DWG files as an flattened scaleable PDF file.

  • The new tools palette has been designed for a clean workflow:
  • Single column to use less space
  • Darker and clean interface.
  • White icons on a dark background make it easier to see the tools.
  • Movable palette, so that you can position where you want on the screen.

    Single key shortcuts Arrow (v): The Arrow or Cursor tool can be used for selecting your annotation and text, resizing, drawing selection frames and navigating the applications and its options.

    Hand (h): The Hand tool is used to pan and move the window view. It is designed to act as an alternative to the scrollbars.

    Ellipse (e): The Ellipse tool is for drawing out your annotation ellipses for commenting on the drawing. Once the shape is drawn you can resize, move and change the attributes of the shape.

    Text (t): The Text tool is used for placing a text box in the document and typing your comments for annotations. Once finished typing you can resize, move and change the attributes of the text. To change the fonts and styles you can use the Text menu item and its options.

    Measure (m): The Measure tool is used for doing a quick measurement between two points in the document. It will display a live measurement as you drag the cursor.

    Zoom (z): Use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of the drawing. Hold the Option (alt) key down and click to zoom out. You can also drag a zoom frame around the area of the drawing you would like to zoom into.

    1:1: The 1:1 tool is a quick way of returning the drawing back to 100% zoom.

  • Hide and show the layers you are looking to work with in the drawing. Object count for the number of items within a layer makes for quick reference. Layer names are taken from the original file.

    Layers can be hidden or shown using the menu at the bottom, or by using the eye symbol. Only the selected layer can be changed each time.

    An annotation layer is placed at the top of the drawing, so that your comments stay on top of the drawing content. Palettes There are 3 main palettes in DWG Viewer 2.0. The Tools palette, Layers palette and the Attributes palette. All of which can be accessed via the Window menu. Attributes DWG Viewer 2.0 offers an attributes palette where you can edit the fill and stroke color, line weights and lines styles for the selection. You can also edit the opacity of the fill, text color and border. The new Attributes palette has been designed for a clean workflow: Fill color and opacity. With the option for no fill. Text/border color and opacity. With the option for no fill. Line thickness and Line

  • Line Thickness: Hairline, 0.5pt, 0.75pt, 1pt, 2pt, 3pt, 5pt, 7pt, 9pt, 11pt, 13pt.

    Line Styles: There are a number of available lines styles ranging from dotted lines to more traditional CAD lines.

    Text Engine The implementation of the new text engine has given DWG Viewer 2.0 a welcome boost to its type tool. Providing a precise and clean text entry system.

    System Fonts: DWG Viewer now accesses the system fonts via the familiar macOS text panel. Here you can select all of the fonts installed on the machine and apply them to your comments and annotations.

    Styles & Sizes As with the font access, you can also use the macOS text panel to live update the sizes and the styles for the selected text. This gives you a fast and familiar place to edit your comments. User Interface The interface has been designed for working with complex graphics. The darker interface elements have been proven to be easier for users to visualise and understand the interface. In addition it helps to destinguish between the available icons and features.

    Single key shortcuts for the tools

    Full Screen Mode

    Centered drawing area with grid marks and page breaks.

    Modern scaled rulers for easy object positioning and adjustments.

    Branded selection frames for layers.

    Dark HUD style palettes Tools, Attributes, Layers palettes and Pop-Up Panels display as dark style.

    Dark gray space around the document.

    Tab Bar allowing you to view your documents in tabs on a single screen.

    System Requirements:
  • DWG Viewer for Mac requires any Mac running Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later