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New Features in V4.1:

The new Denoiser feature helps to achieve clear images at a lower SL, and makes Maxwell up to eight times faster, depending on the scene. Instead of having to render images to a high sampling level, users can keep it low and let the Denoiser do the job, setting it to denoise at all SLs or at the end.

In addition, Maxwell 4.1 brings a number of new features, fixes and improvements, including:

  • Optimized GPU-handling memory – paving the way to Multi-GPU in a future update
  • Maxwell | Multilight™ Standalone V2 – a FREE tool for light management, now with the possibility for animations and more
  • New Lights panel in Maxwell | Studio to play with light intensity
  • New illumination assets in the Library Panel
  • New material compatibility: MERL, X-rite AxF, Real-IES files
  • For the full list of features and specs consult the Maxwell 4 website.

    New Features in V4

  • Spot Emitters
  • Custom Sampling Levels/"Extra Sampling"
  • Open VDB support
  • Animation tools in Maxwell Studio - watch the video
  • Improved performance in Windows
  • Camera Response / White balance
  • Floating Shadows
  • UDIM Textures
  • Improved Shadow Channel
  • Custom Alpha per material
  • Simplified license activation procedure - with videos!
  • "Tech preview" of the NEW network manager

    Maxwell Render is a standalone render engine for making perfect images, films and animations from 3D models. It is the complete solution for anyone who demands immaculate results on a deadline.

    Maxwell Render offers maximum quality, speed, and compatibility for architects, designers and visual effects artists.

    Maxwell Render uses no tricks and no approximations, it just does what real light does. From the core render engine to the camera model, everything in Maxwell Render is real world and correct. This is our obsession.

    So that makes for great photorealistic images, ok. But getting images this good is complicated and takes forever, right? Well, no. In fact, with Maxwell you'll be counting the time you save in days, not minutes. The entire Maxwell Render work process is revolutionary- saving you time and money at every turn, from production times to decision cycles.

    Maxwell Render is perfectly adapted for 3D visualizations in design and architecture, as well as for film, animation and VFX.

    And uniquely, this is all available from a single license purchase.

    The minimum system requirements for Maxwell Render are as follows:

    Windows (32 and 64)

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 2 GHz Intel® Pentium®4 processor, AMD Athlon 64 or better
  • 1GB RAM minimum. 4 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended
  • 400 MB available hard disk space for installation
  • Accelerated OpenGL drivers
  • 3 button mouse recommended

    Macintosh (32 and 64)

  • Mac OSX 10.7 and up
  • Intel® CPU
  • 1 GB RAM minimum. 4 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended
  • 400 MB available hard disk space for installation
  • 3 button mouse recommended

    Linux 64

  • x86_64 distribution with a 2.6 Kernel and glibc 2.5
  • 2 GHz Intel® Core®2, AMD Athlon 64 or better
  • 1 GB RAM minimum. 4 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended
  • X server with accelerated OpenGL drivers
  • 400 MB available hard disk space for installation

    When ordering:

  • NL = Nodelocked License
  • FL = Floating License
  • 1/5 = Number of seats/SimNodes