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ArchiLogs is the Complete Log Home Design Solution Now available for ArchiCAD 16.

ArchiLogs - Log Home Design Made Easy:
Powered by ArchiCADís leading edge object-oriented 3D CAD technology, ArchiLogs, by M.A.D. Oy / Graphisoft Finland, provides a comprehensive software solution for log home designers and manufacturers.

ArchiLogs is truly innovative and easy to use while automating tasks that normally require tedious CAD work.

ArchiLogs enhances ArchiCADís functionality for the log home industry by adding log specific construction tools and objects. This all-in-one add-on software enhances efficiently by allowing you to generate:

  • plans
  • sections
  • elevations
  • construction details
  • object schedules
  • bills of quantities
  • renderings
  • animations
  • virtual reality scenes
  • and even CNC code
ArchiLogs offers Log Home designers and manufactures:
  • Vivid, real-time design visualization
  • Manufacturer-specific customization
  • Impressive marketing tools
  • An efficient way to create and manage project documents
If you are more interested in designing or marketing Log Homes, try the ArchiLogs Designer Kit! This add-on is geared toward home designers and architects who are looking for more aesthetic design features and don't require the technical and production details.

ArchiLogs is powered by Graphisoft ArchiCADģ, an industry leader in computer-aided architectural design.

Download PDF - ArchiLogs Brochure

Download PDF - ArchiLogs Designer Kit Brochure

Watch Short Demo (5 min)

Watch Extended Tutorial (20 min)

New 2011 release additional features:

ArchiFrame in ArchiLogs

-ArchiFrame contains tools for making tenon and mortise, dovetail and balk joints. It can also be used to model wall frames and other structures. ArchiFrame gives user the tools to make cut lists and dimension drawings for manual manufacturing and it is able to produce Hundegger bvn-format CNC-file. ArchiFrame-tools work with ArchiFramePlank and ArchiLogs log objects.

-L Corners

-Force door and window oversize

-Automatic door and window bucks

For a PDF with more information on the new ArchiFrame features please email us a request.

  • ArchiLogs can be customized to operate with any CNC machine tool
  • IFC compatible (Industry Foundation Classes)‏

System Requirements:
  • Requires ArchiCAD 13/14, 15 or 16
    • Windows XP or Windows Vista
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
    • 2GHz Intelģ Pentium 4 or corresponding
    • Min. 1 GB RAM, 2 GB or more for advanced models
    • 2 GB or more is required for advanced visualization and large projects
    • Resolution 1280x1024 or higher
    • Open GL and DirectX 9 -compatible graphic card, memory 265 MB

    Price includes 1st year maintenance and support subscription.