Piranesi 6 by Informatix

Informatix's Piranesi rendering software is a unique three-dimensional paint program that enables architects, graphic artists and designers to easily produce exhibition quality non-photorealistic images and panoramas from 3D models and 2D images. It is truly in a class by itself in the CAD rendering software market.

You can use Piranesi render to quickly develop photorealistic images, by painting in textures and scenery with automatic perspective and masking; or you can use Piranesi's wealth of effects to generate non-photorealistic images that have a more subtle, hand-rendered feel and focus the client's mind on what is important in the design. You can even use Piranesi rendering software with a 2D plan or elevation image, or to generate Panoramas!

Piranesi render software works with ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Abvent's Artlantis, Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk's AutoCad, Microstation, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Autodesk Revit and more!

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Want to learn more about how Piranesi works? Visit the Piranesi Channel on YouTube HERE.

For any questions or to receive a 30 day trial version of Piranesi email us at sales@intcad.com or call 800-383-5195.

New version Informatix Piranesi 6.0.3 Now Available!