D3 SmartParts Mini-Bundle for ArchiCAD (v.10-21)

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CAD Garage and D3 SmartParts are wasting no time in helping you save money and win clients! SmartParts objects allow you to customize your designs with highly parametric ArchiCAD GDL objects including architectural details, office and retail furniture, unique stairs, doors, windows and more.
The SmartParts libraries are the one must have add-on for all ArchiCAD users! Get your favorite SmartParts ArchiCAD Libraries in a convenient mini-bundle and save over $147!
Includes Libraries: D3 SmartParts features include:
  • Preview - Preview pictures for quick display in settings windows
  • 3D Window - Stretch objects vertically in 3D Window
  • Custom Name Input - Utilize the Custom Name Input in certain object settings
  • Parametric 2D - Parametric 2D plan symbols provide coordination between 2D and 3D
  • Reference Manual - Includes thumbnail pictures of all libraries and step-by-step guide for using and customizing many of the objects
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Compatible with Mac and Windows, ArchiCAD 10 - 19 and Start Edition.