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Cigraph plug-ins now run using a protection key/dongle. This key does not come with your add-on. It must be ordered separately.

About the Cigraph Protection Key/Dongle:
Plug-ins can be used on any ArchiCAD station and are no longer limited to use with only one ArchiCAD dongle. Single and network usage are not possible on the same Cigraph dongle. A single Cigraph dongle can support up to ten different individual Cigraph plug-ins simultaneously. Or, it can be used to support up to five different network plug-ins (for a max of 250 users). If you require several Cigraph plug-ins, before activating the dongle and proceeding with the update, decide if you want to use the plug-ins on a single workstation (all on the same dongle) or on different workstations.

Please Note: This plug-in does not support academic/keyless ArchiCAD versions, ArchiCAD Start Edition, or Constructor. If you serialize this to a PayPerUse key you will lose the ability to use your Cigraph add-on when your PayPerUse time runs out. CAD Garage will not accept returns of this product if it does not work with them. You are encouraged to contact CAD Garage or try the demo if you have questions on compatibility.

Requires ArchiCAD 14, ArchiCAD 13, ArchiCAD 12, ArchiCAD 11, or ArchiCAD 10.

  • Mac (Intel compatible - included with Mac version...ArchiCAD 10 or higher)
  • Win

MODEL NO: a012108