ArchiSuite 19 Upgrade from earlier version

ArchiSuite 19 Upgrade from earlier version

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What is ArchiSuite? Before explaining what ArchiSuite is, you need to understand what an add-on is. An add-on is a software component that allows you to add functions to ArchiCAD.

With ArchiCAD, you can manage add-ons automatically by launching and closing them from the menu bar where a new item appears once the add-on has been installed. You will not even know you are using an add-on. It will be just like using your ArchiCAD, but with additional functions. ArchiSuite “manages” Cigraph add-ons (those available now and in the future). Through the add-ons palette, ArchiSuite simply provides access to all the Cigraph add-ons present in the add-ons folder.

Not all users have the same requirements and therefore they may find some of the products present in the Suite less interesting than others. One of the advantages of our Suite is that you can customise it as you wish. For more information on customising ArchiSuite, see the chapter “Customising the ArchiSuite package”.


Inside ArchiSuite


ArchiStair - Creation of custom stairs ArchiStair helps create stairs, even when the design constraints of a new design or renovation project make a regular shape impossible. Through a simple quick graphic interface, ArchiStair allows you to create stairs incorporating steps and landings with imaginative custom shapes.

ArchiMap - Creation of a floor plan ArchiMap provides all the tools needed to create a floor plan. The measurements can be entered manually, or by direct interface with the Leica DISTO-plus laser distance meter with BlueTooth connection. As well as the drawing functions and insertion of doors and windows, the resulting plan can easily and quickly be transformed into a 3D model made up of ArchiCAD parametric elements.

ArchiTiles - Creation, laying and calculation of tiles ArchiTiles allows you to design, visualise and calculate the laying of tiled surfaces such as floors, walls and roofs in ArchiCAD. The surfaces can be covered with tiles already existing in the library, or new tiles created with ArchiTiles with square, rectangular, polygonal or custom shapes.

ArchiPanel - Floating floors and false ceilings ArchiPanel can be used to represent floating floors and false ceilings, starting with a zone or ArchiCAD fill. The surfaces can be covered using simple laying systems, or much more complex systems employing panel modules with the repetition of different shapes, sizes and materials.

ArchiMaterial - Management of surface materials ArchiMaterial enables you to manage ArchiCAD surface materials, organising them in a user specifiable hierarchy, defining favourites and using the drag&drop technique to preview a selected material by dragging it onto the element to which it will be assigned. You can also generate seamless tiling and images to use for bump-mapping effects, transparency, etc.


ArchiTerra - Terrain modelling ArchiTerra is indispensable for all ArchiCAD users needing to manage a site model, or create terrains with complex forms. You often need to place a design in context within a given setting, to create realistic visua- lisations for verification of the design’s environmental impact, or for purely town planning or landscaping purposes. ArchiTerra makes it easy to create and manage 3D terrain models.

ArchiForma - Creation of objects ArchiForma enables ArchiCAD users to create complex shapes in absolute freedom, for 3D representation of architectural details, elements of furniture, doors and windows, or other volumes and surfaces, without using GDL.

ArchiRotate - Rotation of objects in 3D space With ArchiRotate there are no limits to how you can arrange objects in 3D space. This add-on allows you to rotate objects in 3D space in whatever way you want.

ArchiWall - Irregular walls ArchiWall allows you to add “overlaid-structures” to normal ArchiCAD walls, enabling simple prismatic blocks to be transformed into accessory elements with new shapes to create frames and ornamentation to make the project ever more realistic. The element created by ArchiWall retains all the geometric characteristics of the original wall, including trims to roofs and the openings for doors and windows.


ArchiGiallieRossi - Creation of comparison overlays The main use of ArchiGiallieRossi is to automatically (or semi-automatically) generate comparison overlays in which two situations of the same project (current and proposed situation) are superimposed and then compared. The add-on highlights structures to be demolished in yellow (possibly with dotted lines), “new” structures in red and unchanged elements in grey.

ArchiRuler - 2D drawing A designer often needs to complete and refine a 3D representation with technical and descriptive elements. Remaining in the ArchiCAD work environment, ArchiRuler provides you with a useful 2D drawing tool, an easy quick way to manage all the 2D tools you need to create construction and working drawings.

ArchiConverter ArchiConverter converts batches of ArchiCAD 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 Project and Archive files to version 10.

ArchiFacade - Straightening perspective With ArchiFacade you can modify and straighten perspective digital images (photographs of facades, objects, etc.). Mathematical transformations are used to modify the constituent points of the image distorted by perspective to obtain a straightened image. You can thus transform your own images into ArchiCAD library parts for use in realistic photographic visualizations.

ArchiSketchy - Modification of the drawing stroke ArchiSketchy transforms the regular stroke of a computer drawing into the warm irregular strokes of a drawing produced by hand. You can now effortlessly present drawings resembling those produced by hand using pencil and Indian ink.


ArchiQuant - Quantity estimation ArchiQuant lets you simply and immediately estimate quantities relating to the construction elements (and not only) of the ArchiCAD Virtual Building. ArchiQuant requires no knowledge of GDL or use of ArchiCAD property objects or the calculation database.

ArchiTabula - Creation of tables, legends and graphics ArchiTabula allows you to create or import text or numeric tables into ArchiCAD. The contents of the tables can be processed in the form of a grid or, if conditions permit, as a graphic or diagram with various custom formats. The contents of the tables created and placed on the plan can be updated at any time without losing the formatting.

ArchiTime - Statistical analysis of work times ArchiTime tracks the time spent on each type of element and operation, breaking it down by work window and work day. At the end of the project, it provides you with a detailed report of the information acquired (together with explanatory graphics if required) for printing or saving as text for subsequent processing with worksheets or dedicated programs.