About Us

CAD Garage is a CADgarage LLC Company.

    CADGarage is an on-line store dedicated to Architects, Designers and Mac enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide the design community with the technology they need in order to excel in their creative endeavors. Our website, CAD garage, was started in November of 1997 in the early days of internet commerce. Pets.com and their sock puppet mascot are long gone but we're still here to serve our clients!

We have been helping Architects with their technology needs since 1991. We offer a full line of computer hardware and software geared towards the design industry. We partner with our clients to assess their needs, from delivery and implementation of equipment to training and support for themselves and their staff.

Here's a little info on some of our staff and their other lives:

Greg Conyngham President

  • Interests: Cooking (Grill/BBQ) Gardening, Mini Golf, Model Railroading

    As the President of ICS I'll take the liberty of picking two items for each category!

  • Favorite CAD Garage software: Artlantis and Piranesi. I've used Artlantis for over 12 years and it's simply the best photo-realistic rendering software available! It's quick, easy-you don't need to be a technical expert to use it. Piranesi is an incredible non-photorealistic rendering tool and I'm able to create great looking renderings quickly and with ease that don't look like they were created on a computer. Both of these work great with BIM and 3D modeling tools such as ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Sketchup, formZ and Revit.

  • Favorite CAD Garage hardware:
    HP DesignJet t120. The HP DJ t120 plus breaks the price barrier for entry into large format output for the small design firm. In addition to quickly outputting sets of working drawings it also prints incredible color renderings!
    The Wacom Bamboo CREATE Pen & Touch Graphics Tablet is a fantastic tool for working with graphics programs such as Informatix Piranesi or the Adobe CS Suite. It helps me work faster and achieve more subtle nuances to my Piranesi renderings.

    These are all products that are either unique and/or original in their category and remain as "Best of Class".

  • Brian Clark Office Manager
  • Interests: Music, Art, Technology, Traveling

  • Favorite CAD Garage hardware: LaCie Rugged Hard Disk Triple 500GB/1TB FW400/FW800/USB 3.0 is great for travel, connects most anything and holds a lot of music files and photos.

  • Favorite CAD Garage software: Maxon's Cinema 4D is one of the most powerful 3-D renders out there, used everywhere from Hollywood movie sets to Architect's offices.

  • Jaimee Baker Marketing Coordinator
  • Interests: Cape Cod, cop shows, refurbishing found furniture

  • Favorite CAD Garage software: Adobe Creative Suite. I use these programs on a daily basis. Photoshop, InDesign, and the rest of the Creative Suite have the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use I need to create great designs quickly. I recommend it to designers and non-designers alike.

  • Favorite CAD Garage hardware: Mac Mini. This product carries a whole lot of power in a conveniently tiny package. I hooked one of these up to my TV and now have a second, completely hidden computer in my living room. I can browse the web, download shows, organize pictures, all from my couch!

  • Kevin Losso ArchiCAD Trainer and Mac Consultant
  • Interests: Travel, Design, anything Italian!

  • Favorite CAD Garage hardware: My MacBook Pro never leaves my side!

  • Favorite CAD Garage software: I'm currently using Artlantis Render on a number of projects and love the speed and versatility of it.