Sale!-LightWorks in ArchiCAD Book

Sale!-LightWorks in ArchiCAD Book

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Get up to speed rendering in ArchiCAD now - improve your AC 12-17 renderings!

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The LightWorks in ArchiCAD Book contains the tips and tricks that will help you create stunning renderings using ArchiCAD's built-in LightWorks Rendering engine. If you have ever wondered what all of those rendering settings in ArchiCAD do or how to set up your lighting correctly from the start Dwight Atkinson's book will provide you with the answers.

• 8 1/2 x 11” wire bound to open flat
• Full color illustrations
• 208 information packed pages

The 208-page book contains step-by-step tutorials covering rendering, lighting and surface materials available using the LightWorks product for ArchiCAD.

Features include:
* A complete exploration of material and shader qualities. * A comprehensive exploration of light source behavior. * Surprising revelations about fluorescent light, neon and other light sources. * Rendering techniques explained for beginner and expert. * Alternative illustration methods using the LightWorks engine. * Integration of LightWorks models with context photography. * Dozens of tips and tricks. (An entire chapter, in fact.)

This book contains the essentials you will need for comfort operating the new LightWorks Rendering Engine and will help you master the artistic lighting and surface issues faced by all illustrators.

Chapters Include:
Rendering: A complete explanation of the LightWorks rendering features and behavior.
Lighting: Examines each light source type in details and teaches scene illumination.
Surfaces: Examines numerous surface qualities and teaches material making through bitmap image and editing and combining LightWorks shaders.
Tricks: Bringing all of the LightWorks features together to solve illustration problems including photo editing techniques.

Download sample pages!
Table of Contents Click Here
Candlelight and Crystal Click Here
Perforated Aluminum using Texture Mapping Click Here

ISBN: 0-9737564-0-3

* image is not an illustration of the actual book but a compilation of images done by the author Dwight Atkinson.

The LightWorks in ArchiCAD Book, originally written for an earlier ArchiCAD version with addendums available for newer versions.

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