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Now available for ArchiCAD 15!

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The ArchiCAD MasterTemplate (AMT) is a comprehensive resource to enable you to quickly maximize the potential of ArchiCAD. It features a highly developed, fully customizable project template (TPL file) filled with presets and tools to speed the creation of models and construction documents, as well as a detailed sample file showing the template put to full use.

AMT is ideal for new users to help them get going. It's also a great option for experienced users and firms that have not had time or expertise to fine-tune and hone their own office standards in relation to the latest Graphisoft technology. While there is no single "right way" to do things, MasterTemplate draws from a combined 30 years of experience in "Best Practices" by two ArchiCAD Masters.

Innovative Layer setup - Layer setup makes it easy to keep your elements organized. (AIA and NCS standard layering systems are also supported.*) Layer Combinations and Views for all standard drawing types (many more than come with ArchiCAD out of the box) are pre-defined to simplify creation and placement onto Layout sheets.

View Map - The View Map is cleanly organized, easy to navigate, yet extremely comprehensive. Clone folders, a powerful yet little-used feature of ArchiCAD, are set up to automatically create more Views as needed, with all the right settings.

Detailer Template - Detail drawings are a snap with the built-in Detailer Template which gives quick access to intelligent 2D library parts. Place parametrically-sized components (such as joist hangers, steel structure, masonry block, wood trim, etc.) as objects rather than drawing lots of lines and fills.