New! formZ Jr. 8.5 - Academic

New! formZ Jr. 8.5 - Academic

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Formerly known as bonzai 3D

bonzai3d 3.0 is a major update to bonzai3d with over 80 new features including 14 new tools that add functionality for fabrication, 3D printing, NURBS modeling, shape editing, texture mapping and component management. The existin gbonzai3dtools have been improved and tweaked to make them even more powerful and flexible. Similar improvements have been made throughout the interface such as the new Sun Position palette that makes creating shadow and sun studies a breeze. Extensive internal changes have improved the performance throughout bonzai3dmaking it even faster to produce great results.

Click HERE. for a pdf showing the new features in version 3.0!

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bonzai 3D is a new 3D modeler developed to fill in the demand for a quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust approach to 3D. A response to those who wish to express their thoughts graphically in 3D, on the fly, without too much hassle, and then be able to advance to the next level of detailed solid modeling and production, if they wish to do so.

In many ways, bonzai is an offspring of form•Z. At the same time, it is a different tool and represents a fresh approach to 3D modeling. The BonZai tools have resulted from experiences, experiments, research, and user input of the past 15 years. Its goal is to support the conceptual and sketching stages of design with utmost ease, but also the production of accurate and robust models that can be used for construction drawings, can be smoothly rendered, animated, and fabricated (i.e. printed in 3D). All this and more at an affordable price.

You can think of form•Z as the Swiss army knife of 3D modeling and BonZai as a pen knife you carry around to depend on for quick solutions to all kinds of immediate needs.

Anatomy of Bonzai BonZai is the next generation of ease of use, combined with underlying solid modeling, that leads to effective workflow that minimizes input effort while maximizing productivity. It offers all the basic tools a designer needs to present one’s ideas in a 3D representation. It is built on form•Z’s trademark strengths that include solids and nurbz, multi-platform support, reliable Booleans, import/export file translators, and above all its solid reputation for the mark of excellence in 3D.

Some individual formZ Jr. features:
  • Fluid, powerful, and smart interface.
  • All the classic modeling tools (extrusions, sweeps, transformations, etc.).
  • Real time Booleans.
  • NURBS curves and surfaces.
  • Smart 3D drawing.
  • Dynamic graphic editing.
  • Push/Pull tool for easy sculpting and shape editing.
  • Advanced OpenGL rendering with shadows, transparencies, and textures.
  • Graphic texture map editing.
  • Over 200 free materials (texture maps).
  • Content library for trees, furniture, entourage elements.
  • Support of 3D Warehouse.
  • Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility.
  • Over 30 export/import formats for easy inter-operability.
  • Embedded video tutorials

    Macintosh OS X:  
  • Macintosh computer with Intel processor.
  • OS X 10.7.6 or later.

    * Note that the latest updates are recommended.  

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 
* Note that the latest service packs are recommended.   See Microsoft’s web site for available service packs.   OpenGL:  
  • A video card that supports OpenGL version 3.2 or later is required. For best results, a video card with a minimum benchmark score of ~1500 is recommended, and for larger files, ~3500 or better is preferred. See this link for details: Video Card Benchmarks

    Hard Disk Space:  
  • Minimum: 2 GB

  • Recommended: 5 GB+   * Note that complex models or large texture maps may require additional hard disk space.

    Internet Connection:  
  • Required for product activation, software updates and access to on line manuals and tutorial videos.

    Please note: This is the education version of Bonzai 3D for students and faculty. It does not expire or have any limitations. It is a non-transferable license that becomes professional upon graduation. Please e-mail scan of your current student ID, a letter from your department head, a receipt for your current full-time school year, or other proof of academia to ensure swift fulfillment of your order.