ArchiCAD Quick Start Course

ArchiCAD Quick Start Course

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Eric Bobrow's ArchiCAD QuickStart Course is a set of easy to understand training videos that will take you from starting up ArchiCAD all the way through creating a complete building with construction documents. It differs from other online training resources and this well-organized series will teach you the important concepts that will allow you to stand on your own.

It contains over 13 hours of material broken up into 7 modules and 29 individual lessons, the QuickStart Course covers a lot of ground yet is easy to digest. Eric Bobrow’s unique teaching style is relaxed and unhurried, yet carefully explains methods and approaches that every user must know to be successful.

Covering all versions from ArchiCAD 10 through 16 plus the Start Edition, this course is conducted using both imperial and metric systems.

Whether you’re a total novice, someone who’s tried before but couldn’t get over the hump, or an intermediate level user who is out of practice or has missed out on some of the foundation basics, the QuickStart Course will move you along quickly towards proficiency, confidence and enjoyment.

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